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PEDAL Lab Presentations at APHA 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo

The PEDAL lab had one team member and two affiliated researchers present at the American Public Health Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo here in Philadelphia. Additionally, Jordan Weiss won a prestigious national award for his PEDAL-lab related research. PEDAL Lab team member Melissa Oney, PhD presented her poster “Out-of-Pocket Costs for Dementia: A Longitudinal Perspective” presenting research that she completed with PEDAL lab Director Norma B. Coe, PhD and PEDAL lab affiliate Lindsay White, PhD.  Dr. Oney and colleagues estimated the out-of-pocket costs associated with Alzheimer

Steps to Prevent Dementia May Mean Taking Actual Steps

Author: Austin Frakt
Health Services Research article titled "Medicare expenditures attributable to dementia" by PEDAL lab researchers was cited in the October 21, 2019 The UpShot article by Austin Frakt.

Impact of health plan reforms in Washington on employment decisions

Author: Norma B. Coe
Norma B. Coe, PhD, published a study in the Journal of Pension Economics & Finance examining who switches to value-based insurance among state employees in WA, where the insurance explicitly decreases premiums without changing out-of-pocket costs. Among other findings, the authors find that the peak age for switching insurance plans is 35–45. 
Type: Aging, Labor Market/Retirement

Penn LDI Issue Brief: Long-Term Care Financing in the United States

In the United States, people who need long-term care (LTC) face a system with large gaps in coverage, and they rely on friends and family to fill these gaps. Medicaid finances the majority of paid LTC, but people must exhaust their resources to qualify. Medicare and private health insurance do not cover LTC, and the private market for long-term care insurance is small and shrinking. Unpaid family and friends provide most long-term services, but the value of their services is rarely reflected in debates about LTC financing and delivery. Beyond the value of the services, this system has costs

PEDAL Lab Twitter Launch

We are excited to introduce the new Policy and Economics of Aging, Disability, and Long Term Care (PEDAL) lab Twitter. Our handle is @lab_pedal. We look forward to sharing information on our mission to improve aging in America through social media.