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Article by the PEDAL Lab Director Selected as Health Affairs' Editor's Top 10 Pick of 2022

“Informal Caregivers Provide Considerable Front-Line Support In Residential Care Facilities And Nursing Homes”, an article co-authored by the PEDAL Lab Director Dr. Norma Coe, presents findings on the major role that informal caregivers played in caring for people in residential care facilities and nursing homes. This article was selected as an Editor’s Top 10 Pick of 2022 in Health Affairs. Read the full list of top picks here.

Latest Research in the Beverage Tax Wars

One scientific paper co-authored by LDI Senior Fellow Norma Coe presents further evidence puncturing two of the loudest claims made by opponents of U.S. sweetened beverage tax programs. The study assessed the tax programs of Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle and was the first to use real-world soda tax data to estimate the tax economic equity impacts. Read the full article here.

$1.5 Million Grant Expands Penn’s Undergrad Minority Health Research Pipeline

A collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania’s Population Aging Research Center (PARC) and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) has received a $1.5 million grant for a new pipeline program to support underrepresented undergraduate students interested in academic careers in aging and health research. The five-year grant from the National Institute of Aging will establish the Get Experience in Aging Research Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP), which will support undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds through a 15-month immersive experience in the

PEDAL Lab Director Featured in Newsweek's Opinion Piece

Director of PEDAL lab, Norma B. Coe recently contributed to Newsweek in an opinion piece about the significance of President Biden's infrastructure plan: "Biden's infrastructure plan would provide a much-needed investment into these essential workers by raising wages and benefits for home care workers".  Read the full article here.

PEDAL Lab Director Featured in The Hill

Author: Norma B. Coe
Director of PEDAL lab, Norma B. Coe recently contributed to the Hill in an opinion piece urging for bolder, more comprehensive long-term care reform. In her op-ed, she highlights how current insurance and provider systems will not meet the needs of the U.S’s aging population.  Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Coe illustrates, long-term care has fallen to the responsibility of women, forced to leave the workforce in droves to care for their children and parents alike. This “informal” care system is far from costless, rather having significant health and economic consequences on these