Cost of Dementia in Medicare Managed Care: A Systematic Literature Review

In this article, the authors conducted a systematic review of studies reporting the direct healthcare costs of treating older adults with diagnosed Alzheimer disease and related dementias (ADRD) within private Medicare managed care plans. 

P Fishman, NB Coe, L White, S Park, B Ingraham, EB Larson. “Cost of Dementia in Managed Care:  A Systematic Literature Review” American Journal of Managed Care.  2019. August. 

Medicare expenditures attributable to dementia

This article estimates dementia's incremental cost to the traditional Medicare program. The authors compared Medicare expenditures for 60 months following a claims-based dementia diagnosis to those for a randomly selected, matched comparison group.   Dementia's five-year incremental cost to the traditional Medicare program is approximately $15 700 per patient, nearly half of which is incurred in the first year after diagnosis. Increased costs for individuals with dementia were driven by more intensive use of Medicare part A covered services.

White, L, P Fishman, A Basu, EB Larson, NB Coe, “Medicare Expenditures Attributable to Dementia.” Health Services Research. 2019. P 1-9

The Effect of Retirement on Cognitive Functioning

Coe, NB, HM von Gaudecker, M Lindeboom, and J Maurer.  “The Effect of Retirement on Cognitive Functioning.”  Health Economics 2012; 21(8):913-927.